Taking photographs is one of my favorite pastime since many years. Although a few friends encouraged me to become a professional photographer, I decided to keep it as a hobby. Still, I’m strongly interested in working with visual medias, so I started to gain some working experiences as a picture editor in the past years.

I developed my interest in photography when I was 14 years old. In 2008, just before setting off on a trip through California, I purchased my first DSLR camera Canon 450D. Since then, my passion for traveling around the world is mostly reflected in my photographs.

After I gained some experiences in photography, I finally decided to buy the full-frame camera Canon 6D in 2014. Additionally, I have been interested in taking some analogue photos as well. In everyday life my iPhone camera comes into action.

During all these years it has always been a pleasure for me to share some of my photographs with online photo communities such as Flickr or Instagram. Since a few years, I’m running a travel blog and a street art blog, which shows all favorite sites I’ve visited and photographed.

On Twitter, I’m sharing some tweets on current topics related to photography, in particular about photojournalistic reportages and photo exhibitions I’m interested in.

All images are ‘All Rights Reserved’. Please, do not use my pictures without my permission! For any questions, write me a mail: lyooa.photography@gmail.com